Benefits to Police Department, Local Council and Public:

  • Reduction in resources being deployed means less pollution in the air – this may seem small on the scale of things, but this common problem is vast so these little things soon add up!
  • More officers available to deal with other important issues
  • Lower fuel bills for the Police department

In police chases there are many dangerous accidents that occur, but with this invention this number will be vastly reduced.

Benefits of this Invention:

  • Fewer lives or limbs lost and fewer injuries to people
  • Takes pressure off the emergency services and hospitals
  • Lower fuel bills all round and hence less pollution
  • Reduction in damage to police vehicles
  • Reduction in damage to council property
  • Reduction in damage to public property
  • Lower repair and replacement costs for both public and private property

All this will help ease the claiming pressure of constant insurance claims on insurers and so help bring car insurance, home insurances, etc. down.

Monitored, suspected vehicles that are out of immediate reach from the authorities such as on a motorway with maybe drug runners, terrorist, wanted criminals, etc. These can be wirelessly immobilised when they come in range of a trigger mounted on a lamp post, a sign post, a bridge, etc. (but not limited to) so that the inhabitant(s) of that vehicle cannot get too far before the authorities can get to them.
Since all of these mounting posts already have an electrical power supply, this would be cheap, fast and easy to do.

Gains From This Device


First and foremost we can be re-assured that with no more long Police chases there will no longer be needless loss of lives and also, should a person’s vehicle ever be stolen and in a potential chase that there would be a far greater chance that, it would be retrieved undamaged and not written off. So they would not have to go through undue stress of dealing with the insurance company and potentially losing their no claims and have their premiums go up.

Emergency Services (Ambulance, Fire, Police) and Hospitals

With the ever increasing burden on these services, the vast reduction in accidents by this device can free these service to respond to other vital incidents hence taking off immense pressure.

Insurance Companies

Millions of pounds could be saved in the reduced number of high value insurance claims.

Police Department and Council

Huge savings including:

  • Accountability on safety of human lives
  • Public/private property
  • Man hours
  • Millions of pounds of expenditure in lawsuits
  • Ever increasing fuel, repair & replacement bills, etc.
  • Ever increasing insurance premiums

The Unit

This will be a cheap device that could be roadside/motorway mountable and remotely operated. This would then open up a whole new use for this device where a suspect vehicle(s) (for whatever purpose) can be safely immobilised remotely without a police car being anywhere near and the passengers will then be restrained from going anywhere too far before a police car can get to them.


As much as it may seem small on the scale of things, the prevention of having to deploy many Police cars, Helicopters, Ambulances, Fire Brigades, etc. means there will be less carbon pollution in our cities and alike and as we all know such small things contribute to the larger picture more than people may think!!


They can offer another very vital safety feature to their customers and very easily profit from it too.
Not only would they have the rights to installing the device into their new vehicles but also be the only people to have sole rights to distribute retro fit devices to all agencies to be fitted into their older cars, hence opening another channel for revenue.