With this device there will be no need for many officers to put their lives or their vehicles at risk, by giving long dangerous pursuits. Also by ensuring the roads ahead are kept clear for safety reasons. Nor will there be any need for long distance helicopter chases, as this device will bring it to a stop quickly and safely with just the one vehicle in pursuit and the officer(s) in it.

In addition to this with less fuel being burnt in high speed chases (if none at all!!) and there not being a need for helicopter chases there will be a lot less pollution going into the air, hence helping with the ozone layer and greenhouse problems.

With small vehicles such as Mopeds and Motor bikes it is becoming increasingly more difficult to pursue and apprehend criminals. This device will look to tackle this major problem. Even Laws are being changed to help with this ever increasing problem!

Therefore, the lives of our officers, other motorists, the general public, pets/animals and the life of the suspect(s) will not be put at as much risk as it is without this device.

Also with the prevention of a lot of undesirable acts by this device, there is lot of financial gain in many different areas, by many different departments and people.

For further information please Email: speedenforcer@hosinnovations.com