High Speed Chase Impact Breakdown

Police Officers

It is well known that in a police chase many officers with their vehicles can be deployed and officers put their lives at risk.

Police Vehicles

Many police vehicles can and do get damaged, hence putting a financial strain on the local council through cost of repair or replacement and high insurance bills.

Innocent Public in the Vicinity

In the mindless urge to flee, the suspect almost always drives irrationally and with no regards to the safety of the general public around them. In built up areas many innocent lives have been lost where people have been knocked over, badly injured and at times killed, including pets & animals.

Public and Council Property

A lot of public and council property gets damaged or destroyed by the suspected driver fleeing in haste, putting a financial burden on the innocent party affected by the damage.

Other Motorists and Vehicles

Hundreds, if not thousands of pounds of damage is caused to other people’s vehicles, where vehicles are often written off. More importantly, lives of other motorists are put in grave danger in police chases, where again many people have sustained horrific injuries and have even lost their lives.

Local Council Funding

With the deployment of many officers, vehicles and helicopters, the cost to the local council is vast! Adding the cost of repairs to council property, vehicle repairs or replacements (with insurance premiums increasing year on year) the cost soon rises.

Makes & Models of Cars Worldwide

  • There are approximately 112 makes of cars worldwide (Ref: Auto Trader)
  • There are approximately 1200 models of cars worldwide (Ref: Auto Trader)
  • On average 85.4 million cars are produced annually