First and foremost, it needs to be understood that this project is to help save the planet by stopping the generation of paper junk mail!!

Many people have been trying for many years to abolish junk mail totally but with no success because they did not provide an alternative path for all those that rely on it to advertise their business or services and for all those that do use it.

But with our project (as an example) as much as we are asking people to stop using their petrol vans to go to the market to sell their goods, we are giving them electrical ones to use instead, which not only stops the pollution (which say was the goal) but it’s faster, cleaner and has more capacity for them.

It’s a win-win for all because the bi-product of our device actually benefits the advertiser and their customers whilst achieving its goal!!

So with our project it can finally be achieved!!


To help prevent global warming, protect the ECO system, prevent deforestation, and reduce land pollution and also river pollution.

Save the environment, help save millions of pounds for local authorities and so help the economy.

Reduce millions of tonnes of junk mail produced annually.

Digitalise all kinds of paper based materials used to advertise by distribution to residential homes and businesses.

Deliver fast, efficient and economical advertising in digital format.

Importance of Junk Mail

How many times have you received junk mail and just thrown it away without reading it?

Ever thought of how useful some of the information could be; in junk mail advertisement?

You could have missed many opportunities such as, free tickets to the Cinema, free pizzas, money saving vouchers etc.

This is why Tmail is “The SavEEE mail of the future”