Benefits to Advertisers & Customers

Both the advertisers and the customers will be helping the planet and also their local authorities.

No costly charges for printing master plates.

Your advertisement costs will be considerably reduced.

A considerable shorter time is taken from instruction, to delivery to the customer.

No printing delays or poor printing quality of advertisement.

The weather will not hinder the delivery of your advertisement.

The time taken to deliver will be significantly reduced.

Your delivery will be guaranteed.

There will be a better chance that your advertisement will be read.

It will stay on the device until the advertisement is read and can be filed easily for future reference.

The advertisement will stay readable for longer.

Unlike paper advertisement, the digital advertisement will not get misplaced and will be at hand when required.

Unlike paper advertisement, it will be read more easily by older people or people with visual difficulties, as they will be able to zoom in.

Since technical data will be saved from all projects, when changes that needs to be made to update the advertisement for another run, they can be done with ease, with minimum charge and time.

The advertiser no longer needs to have to run around to find someone suitable to design their advertisement and make sure that the format is compatible with the printer’s equipment.

Tmail will offer their services to work with the advertiser to create their artwork.

The advertiser can design their artwork themselves (to Tmail’s required spec).

The advertiser can send artwork from their preferred designer (to Tmail’s required spec).

The advertisers’ costs would rise considerably when widening their delivery area, whereas with Tmail the world would be at their fingertips at a small price.

Whereas, in other printed material advertisements (e.g. a leaflet), if say a few thousand leaflets are printed with certain opening times of a library, but then after a few months a small change of the opening times was made, then those thousands of leaflets become useless and the printing money goes down the drain. But with our system, since (as mentioned before) the templates are digitally saved, then all that would have to be done is to edit the time and resend the leaflet at a fraction of the cost of reproducing new master plates and reprinting. Needless to say then, that with this system the latest flyer or leaflet is uploaded to the customer.

Also many companies have many branches (say Tesco) but are unable to print leaflets/booklets with the individual branches’ phone number or special offers (because different branches do have different offers at the mangers discretion).This is because of its very high cost and so they only print generic ones that apply to all branches and only print one main office phone number that all national customers have to use (so with the main office switch board having to deal with all those customers, this must put a heavy strain on them). With our system the main artwork is always digitally saved so it can be tweaked to the branches advertising needs or changes and then the advertisement can be sent to the area they wish to market and have their direct number on that advertisement which would take a huge burden off of the main office switch board.