Frequently Asked Questions

Who does this idea benefit?

This idea benefits the forests, the carbon foot print, the eco system, the many endangered animals and insects, the land scape and rivers. The Government and their pledge on protecting the environment and help save on the cost of doing so. Save on the costs of landfills and the damage that landfills cause. Local authorities in cutting their cost on rubbish management. Business communities, the consumers and the telephone companies will gain a lot.

What benefit is there for the customer?

The customer will benefit by having all their mail in one tidy place. Be able to delete what they do not want knowing that it is not going to a landfill. Be able to save and file the information they wanted to keep and not worry about misplacing it or finding it all crunched up or unreadable when they do need it (as in paper format). Be able to zoom in and read the information comfortably without needing your glasses.

Would GDPR be a concern?

Since the information being sent in Junk mail is generic and does not hold any personal or sensitive information, GDPR would not affect this project. Also since the distributors are the council and the telephone companies (who already hold the telephone numbers for the advert to be sent) GDPR here is already covered. If any other provider is given licence, then this will be taken care of first.

Would it be cost effective?

This idea would cost the company a fraction of what it pays advertising the conventional way and also, not only be time saving but also be more reliable.

Would this idea cost the customer any money?

The customer will only have a small cost applied to them e.g. 50p a week (£2 a month) to help cover the cost of the display unit and also to make their life easier and the planet safer for the forthcoming generations.

Who would install the display unit?

The display unit can be installed by a number of people such as Local Council, an independent company, telephone companies, etc.

What benefit is there for the provider?

The provider will generate a new source of income from it with no extra costs to them.

How would all this work?

Firstly and ideally, a law should be passed banning paper junk mail to help save our planet.
The business would request Tmail to send out their leaflet/letter. Then the business would either provide Tmail with their digital advertisement or ask Tmail to design it.
Tmail would then send a copy of that advertisement to the provider (with the delivery details or area code) to which they have to send the advertisement to.
The provider would then send that advertisement to all the addresses within that area code or to the address details.
On receiving confirmation on the number of addresses the provider has delivered to, the provider would get paid accordingly.
Note: The provider can be anyone that has been given a licence.

What if sceptics say that some people may have personal issues with the device being in their home, because?

They do not want any Junk Mail

Many people do refuse to have junk mail to their home not because they do not think it’s relevant or it’s a waste of time but because of the impact that the junk mail has on all the points that have already been stated. Through our research we have found that if the negative effects of junk mail on the planet and the burden it puts on tax payers money to collect and dispose were prevented then, as one person stated “then yes there is a lot of good and useful information on some of the stuff that comes through the door”.
It has also come to light that even though people put stickers on their door for no junk mail, things still come through! And as stated before, the sadness thoughts then comes through the home owners mind as to where it is going to end up and the overall effect it will then have on the planet, hence why they put the sticker on the door in the first place.

They are scared that the unit is there to spy on them

Unlike other devices that are being put into people’s homes (in the masses nationwide!) for various data collection (which are usually receiver/transmitter devices), this device is only a receiver so no personal data of any sort gets sent out!

For further information please Email: tmail@hosinnovations.com