Wales Exclusive Loyalty Sightseers Help Card

Welcomes our guests…
O Cymru gyda chariad


Project supported by:

  • Rt Hon Mark Drakeford MS – Cardiff East

Provide an incentive for residents because, it is well known that residents do not visit many of the attractions where they live, that other people from around the world come to see. Therefore, the card is designed for national and international tourists to visit Wales and to spend as much time as possible in and around Wales.

Welcome visitors and encourage residents to tour in Wales, to show them all that Wales has to offer. This is by providing them with a guide to all the attractions, events, places of interest and businesses on the Welsh Card that would welcome them with a friendly gesture, a discount card to lessen their financial burden of touring.

Give Welsh businesses, attractions, events and places of interest cheap and easy method to attract more customers. Welsh businesses can give the card to their employees as employee benefits and use it for themselves to entertain their corporate/high level customers.

Allow venues to advertise their upcoming events, evenings, offers etc.

Help boost the Welsh economy by getting visitors to spend more money in Wales.

Help tourists have an all-together better visiting experience.

Help raise money for deserving Welsh charities/organisations.